What to Know Before Planning a Second Story Addition

What to Know Before Planning a Second Story Addition

Give us a call to discuss your project, and read on to discover more about the second story addition process.

Adding a second story to your Maryland property can provide a variety of benefits for you and your family. Not only does a second story expand the living space of your home, but it can also drastically increase the resale value if you are planning to sell down the line. Matthews Construction and Design offers a full range of remodeling services, including second story additions! Give us a call to discuss your project, and read on to discover more about the second story addition process. 

The Size 

While some homeowners add a full second story to their homes, others prefer a partial addition. If you understand the size of your addition it’s easier to establish the general scope of the project. To determine the size of the project, assess your family’s space needs and your preferred budget. You don’t need to know the exact measurements of the addition, but it helps to have a firm idea of what you plan to achieve. 

The Attic  

Adding a second story addition involves raising the roof of your home. Before the construction team can start, consider cleaning the interior of your attic. During the construction phase, the attic will be fully exposed to debris and other elements, so it’s important to remove your valuables first. If you use your attic for storage space, you may need to rent a unit to store the items while construction occurs. 

Your Comfort 

Depending on the size of the project, you and your family may need to relocate during the construction phase. Before the project begins, plan accordingly. Your comfort is of the utmost importance, and the remodeling process should be an enjoyable one. Plan to stay in a hotel, short-term rental, or with a relative for the time being. Have an open discussion with your construction team before the project begins, and ask them if your family must relocate during the project. You may not even need to leave your home at all! 

Call Matthews Construction and Design

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